How to Remove Skin Tags - 3 Tips For Removing Skin Tags at Home

When people find themselves afflicted with skin tags, they are usually searching for how to remove warts in ways that are easy and effective. They can be a real bother, since for many people they appear with no warning, and can extremely irritating and ugly. Here are some ways that can be tried for how to remove skin tags at home:

  1. Before removing the skin tag, be sure that is what it is, and not something else. Skin tags are very small, and never get larger than ½ inch in size. They look like tiny skin patches, or a small round mass that is attached to the body via a stalk or penducle. It should be about the same color as the rest of your skin, and should be soft and easily moved.
  2. When you are certain you have warts, you can try getting rid of them. You can get a piece of dental floss or thread and tie it to the base of the tag. Using scissors or nail clippers that have been disinfected, cut it off right above the material used to tie it. Clean the area thoroughly after you have cut it off, and be sure to apply antibiotic ointment to it for a while. This is one way to learn how to remove it.
  3. You can also try baking soda, although it takes a while for it to work. You just mix baking soda with Castor oil until a thick paste is made, and then put it on the area frequently. If this is done many times a day, after a few weeks, the skin tags should dry up completely.
  4. People also often try different wart removal methods for how to remove warts. For some it works well, but takes time.


How to Remove Skin Tags - 3 Tips For Removing Skin Tags at Home
How to Remove Skin Tags - 3 Tips For Removing Skin Tags at Home

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