What is the Best Foundation For Oily Skin?

You may think that finding the best foundation for oily skin a difficult proposition as most matte-finish foundations that stake a claim to the title, leave an overdone, caked-on impression that makes you want to switch to other products.

The problem with oily skin is that it tends to shine through foundation coverage and caking on powders and foundations in the hope that they will absorb the oil often result in a stiff, unnatural look that is not the ideal, nor the greatest idea for finding the best foundation!

\"Foundation For Oily Skin\"

On the face, the indicator of a greasy skin type is the T-zone. The forehead, nose and chin will often begin to shine after makeup application. Most women with shiny skin choose matte finish foundations as it is touted as the best solution for greasy skin among conventional makeup. If we look outside the conventional makeup box then the real best foundation for oily skin is to be found in airbrush technology.

What is the Best Foundation For Oily Skin?

The airbrush makeup that was initially bound to celebrities and their makeup artists is now available to everyone in the form of home-kit versions, bringing the celebrity magic of flawless makeup coverage and the best foundation for shiny skin within reach of women everywhere.

The airbrush foundation wins hands down in the best foundation for shiny skin contest due to its quick drying, matte finish, and zero cacking properties which no conventional makeup can boast about. You also get the added advantage of hygienic application as only air and makeup touch your skin without redistributing the oil on your face, while the problem areas are covered and concealed to bring out a flawless and shine-free look.Some airbrush sets come with a finishing powder as well, to ensure that trouble spots stay shine free all day.

Airbrush foundation is applied on your skin in thin layers, ensuring a breathable makeup coverage that allows your skin to sweat. This is another reason why it is the best foundation for oily skin, as the skin can breathe without creating a shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is all airbrush foundation considered the best foundation for oily skin?

A. Different brands of airbrush foundations are available, you will need to choose one that offers a matte-set finish. The benefits of all the airbrush applicators are ideal for shiny skin

Q. Is airbrush foundation only the best foundation for oily skin?

A. No, every skin type can benefit by using an airbrush makeup applicator, as its weightless feel finish compliments any skin type, so it is actually the best foundation for oily skin and every other skin type too.

Q. Can an airbrush foundation stop my skin from being greasy?

A. No, if you have shiny skin then an airbrush foundation will not stop it from being a greasy skin type, but it will certainly make it look like it's not shiny and that's why it's the best foundation for oily skin!

No foundation available in the market today can give you a youthful complexion in just a single application as the airbrush foundation system can, making it the best foundation for oily skin. Any foundation that can do this for you will automatically qualify as the best foundation for oily skin.

What is the Best Foundation For Oily Skin?


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