Carrot Juice for Skin Health

Your skin is a reflection of your underlying health. Good nutrition including fresh vegetable juice such as carrots can play a role in creating better-looking skin. Carrot Juice is used for skin health to provide curative and preventative properties for healthy glowing skin. The largest organ in the body, our skin is the first defense against germs and the environment. One of the best ways to slow the aging of skin is to ensure the skin is well hydrated by consuming fresh juice and plenty of water each day.

Carrots are regarded as the 'herbal healer' of skin diseases as they promote the repair of skin tissue. Carrot juice is a valuable source of Vitamin A, which is a major vitamin for skin health. Carrots are rich in antioxidants, including phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, which protect, nourish and moisturize the skin. Nutrition received from carrots helps to reduce photosensitivity to promote skin renewal and protect the skin from sun damage.


Carrot juice acts as an anti-inflammatory and revitalizes and tones the skin. Cosmetically, carrots are used to treat dermatitis, eczema, rashes and wrinkles caused by free radicals. Carrot juice is also used to assist in the healing of cuts and abrasions. Complexion problems due mainly to toxic overload in the body and an acidic condition in the blood can be stabilized through consumption of carrot juice. Potassium in the carrots helps to neutralize the excess acid and the vitamin A assists the liver in flushing toxins from the body.

Carrot Juice for Skin Health

A recent study in the Netherlands found a significant link between skin condition and the level of vitamin A in the blood. Natural vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene is abundant in fresh carrot juice thereby negating the need for vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin A deficiencies in the body include: premature wrinkling, skin impurities, acne, dry, scaly and rough skin, especially on the arms and legs. Carrot juice applied daily is great for uneven skin tones due to blemishes and pigmentation. Extract juice from carrots and pineapple using a juicer: mix pineapple juice and carrot juice together, apply it on the face and wash off after 15 minutes. Use this daily to achieve clear and even toned skin.

Drink carrot juice in small doses, as the body is unable to assimilate more than 8oz of carrot juice at a time. Large consumptions of carrot juice daily over a period of weeks may result in a yellow tinge to the skin. At best it will give a healthy glow to your tan. The skin discoloration is completely harmless and occurs primarily on the hands and feet. Either your body is unable to process carotene properly or your liver is toxic. Either way for healthy nutrition it is important not to concentrate on only one juice source.

A healthy skin is achieved internally through a nutritious diet incorporating fresh vegetable juice. Carrot juice is effective in maintaining and enhancing a soft, smooth disease free skin. An invigorating and refreshing juice, start drinking carrot juice today and tell me if you see a difference in your skin

Carrot Juice for Skin Health

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Home Remedies For Skin Lightening - Natural Ways to Whiten Skin & Treat Hyper Pigmentation Revealed

White skin epitomizes beauty and elegance. Human color ranges from black to colorless and the irony is that everyone wants to flaunt a lighter tone. There are various techniques for attaining a beautiful appearance but it is always advisable to take up nature based products and techniques for bleaching your skin. Most people perform wrong methods such as laser treatments for lightening their pelt which can be extremely dangerous in the long run. Skin discoloration or dark spots are mostly caused due to excess production of Melanin pigment.

Natural ways to whiten skin and treat hyper pigmentation


* Apply sunscreen before stepping out of your home. It will protect your from harsh sun rays. You should preferably wear sunglasses for protecting your eyes and face from pollutants.

Home Remedies For Skin Lightening - Natural Ways to Whiten Skin & Treat Hyper Pigmentation Revealed

* It is advisable to drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. Water nourishes your skin by hydrating it.

* You should consume high fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables for flushing out toxins from your body, which will consequently treat hyper pigmentation and other complications.

* You should completely avoid ingredients such as Hydroquinone, mercury and steroids for whitening your skin. They can cause liver damage, leukemia and thyroid problems.

* Home based products such as sandalwood paste, lemon extract etc. can easily bleach your skin without damaging your cells.

* Exfoliating once a week is extremely beneficial for discarding dead cells. This process helps in lightening your skin tone with ease. You can easily make a paste by mixing oatmeal and brown sugar with some milk. You can gently scrub, rinse and moisturize your face.

In order to diminish problems like dark discolorations, age spots, sun spots, freckles, sun damage, melasma, acne marks, old scars, birth marks, dark elbows and uneven skin tone, we should employ products containing following ingredients:

* Glycolic Acid
* Kojic Acid
* Lactic Acid
* Emblica Powder
* Lemon Juice Extract
* Bearberry Extract
* Mulberry Extract
* Vitamin B3
* Alpha Arbutin.

These ingredients can easily inhibit the production of Melanin. They are the safe alternatives for Hydroquinone, mercury and steroids.

Home Remedies For Skin Lightening - Natural Ways to Whiten Skin & Treat Hyper Pigmentation Revealed

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Oily Skin? Finally, Effective Home Remedies For Pimples

An oily face is a matter of concern not only for teenagers and young adults, but also for those people who are in the pre-menopausal phase of their life. Oily skin and its related consequences such as acne and pimples can be quite embarrassing for the affected person and the ugly scars and blemishes on the skin can even lower the person's self-esteem. Unfortunately, there is no magical means of eliminating those genes from your genetic constitution that are responsible for bestowing you with an oily skin texture. You have to device ways and means to deal with the problems associated with oily skin such as acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, a persistent sheen on your face (with a shiny nose, those highly embarrassing shiny cheeks and a greasy forehead), etc.

Taking a high fiber low glycemic index clear skin diet, including loads of fresh fruits and vegetables (that supply your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals), and avoiding spicy and oily foods (such as pickles, greasy fast food items, carbonated beverages, caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, junk foods, etc), is the key to pimple prevention, although taking sunflower or soybean oils, which are rich in essential fatty acids greatly helps to control acne and pimples breakouts. 

\"oily Skin\"

Here are some useful tricks for zits prevention:

Oily Skin? Finally, Effective Home Remedies For Pimples

  1. Applying a paste of crushed fresh fenugreek leaves mixed with water to your oily skin at bedtime and can be rinsed off with luke warm water in the morning. This process aids in the outbreak of pimples, prevents formation of blackheads and whiteheads, and even keeps off dryness, and the resultant wrinkles.
  2. A paste of crushed orange peels mixed along with water can be applied to your oily face and can be rinsed off with luke warm water after 20 to 30 minutes for effective pimples treatment.
  3. Application of 1 teaspoon lemon juice (either alone or as a mixture with 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder) is very helpful in reducing the size of the pimple.
  4. One of the best home remedy for pimples is to apply a drop of garlic juice directly on the pimple. When garlic juice (which contains a strong and powerful antibacterial component, named allicin), is applied on the zit for just about 5 to 10 minutes, it is sufficient to treat the zit completely.
  5. Apply either fresh mint juice or a mixture of turmeric powder along with mint juice to your oily face and rinse it off with lukewarm water after 20 to 30 minutes for prevention of outbreak of pimples and acne. Alternatively, even a paste of one teaspoon of coriander juice with turmeric powder can be applied on the face for pimples treatment.
  6. Applying a paste of honey mixed with cinnamon powder on the pimples at bedtime and rinsing it off next morning with lukewarm water will keep pimples away for a long time.

Similarly, there are a lot more tricks for zits prevention, which when coupled with a clear skin diet, are sure to keep pimples away from your oily face. 

Oily Skin? Finally, Effective Home Remedies For Pimples

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Oily Skin? Solutions For an Oily Complexion

If you are one of the millions suffering from oily skin or oily complexion, good news is here!

Products for oily skin have come a long way in the past decade and ingredients have been shown to effectively regulate skin oil without drying-out your complexion. The result, a cleaner, clearer complexion with less oil, bacteria and inflammation.

\"oily Skin\"

Oily skin and complexion are primarily the result of over-active sebaceous glands found in skin pores and follicles. Sebaceous glands secrete oil that is used to keep the skin moist and prevent dryness. Oil helps lubricate and protect facial skin helping maintain softness and suppleness.

Oily Skin? Solutions For an Oily Complexion

Over-active sebaceous glands produce too much oil - an obvious statement, but this can and does leading to many skin problems. First, oily skin can be unsightly and embarrassing. Oily skin aggravates enlarged pores while giving a greasy, unhealthy appearance to your skin and face

Exxcess skin oil can clog pores, trap bacteria and lead to infection, inflammation or even rosacea and acne. Dirt, old skin cells, and bacteria can join and accumulate presenting environmental stress to the skin. Reducing oil can not only leave your skin fresh and clean, but healthy as well.

Oily skin is often hereditary, a circumstance of hormonal changes (as in teenagers or pregnancy) or increased heat and humidity. Common on the face where acne and rosacea breakouts are most prominent, oily skin can be occur anywhere on the body. However, the concentration of skin pores on the forehead and nose is where the highest occurrence of oily skin is found.

Oily skin products usually are found in two basic formulas or solutions. First, oily skin face toners cleanse the skin with ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) and Zinc PCA. Applied with a cotton swab or pad, oily skin toners can wipe away oil, dirt and grime leaving skin cleansed. Toners are often used in conjunction with oily face washes or cleansers to increase effectiveness and produce enhanced results.

Similar to toners, oily face washes utilize ingredients to regulate oil and cleanse but are combined with surfactants and cleansers to wash and remove oil, dirt and bacteria. Although the mission is to regulate oil, stripping skin completely can lead to irritation and inflammation.

Many oily face washes use additional ingredients to help kill bacteria as well as soothe and moisturize the skin without promoting increased oil production.

Oily skin and complexion can be effectively controlled with skin care formulated to regulate oil and to encourage healthy skin. The result can be a clean, clear and oil-free complexion you are proud of.

Oily Skin? Solutions For an Oily Complexion

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Men's Oily Skin problem - Causes and Effects

Today more than ever, men are beginning to pay much more attention to their appearance. A presentable outlook not only enhances ones social image and standing, it also boosts ones confident. The effects are long term and permanent. Being presentable is also a representation of having an overall healthy body. It is well documented that Men has 30% or more oily skin than women, thus men tends to have more oily skin related problem than women. There are several causes for oily skin that occurs in various parts of the body. The more important of them all is ... of course the face.

Oily skin is caused by the sebaceous gland producing too much oil. It is most common among teenager to have oily skin due to the shift in hormonal levels, the skins usually gets drier when one aged. While common among teenager, Oily skin can however affects all ages, the main causes of oily skin are due to

\"oily Skin\"

  • Heredity
  • Diet
  • Artificial substance (i.e. cosmetics)
  • Hot and Humid weather

Men's Oily Skin problem - Causes and Effects

Oily skin will brings you acne,s pimples, large pores and blackheads. Acnes and pimples are caused by the infection from the surrounding dirt that is attracted to the oily skin. Oily skin will also block the facial pores and thus causing blackheads to develop. Large pores will also start to be visible once the acnes, pimples and blackheads are not properly dealt with. These are conditions that could affect the health of your face and affect your appearance, in some cases permanently.

Oily face will also caused embarrassment to oneself, affecting ones overall image. It will bring out the shine in your face and it is usually referred to as being lazy and "Dirty" in appearance. Imagine which date would want to give you a good night kiss on your oily face!?!?

Oily Skin do poses a lot of problems and will affect many men in particular. Whatever the underlying causes are for oily skin, the condition will continue until the cause has been treated or eliminated. It is a socially accepted norm in today's day and age for men to pay more attention to your facial need. However having a dry skin has its own disadvantages such as wrinkles and peeling. Oily skin will ensure one age slower than those with a dry skin. That is why most men look younger than women of the same age naturally. It is therefore important to ensure that you maintain a balance natural oiliness in your skin to take advantage of both oily and non-oily conditions.

Men's Oily Skin problem - Causes and Effects

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